How did I Lose 12 Kilos(26,5 Pounds) of Fat in 1 Month

Losing 12 Kilos (26,5 lbs) in 1 month

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Hi, I’m 16 years old high school student and a brave warrior against much fat. I was an overweight person during my education time. But this summer, I decided to go to Chicago for vacation and I made a decision. I wanted to be fit in there and started to work on my dream.

I want this for a few reasons that makes my life awful such as friendship problems or personal shortages. Mainly I hate to be fat and If I saw a fat person, I felt bitter. When my friends saw me, they too. My family didn’t say it to me because they are my family. You know. They think I may be sad and I may hate them. Because child think odd. They’re not mature person like us. And I hated myself. This fat could kill me. This reasons started my journey to lose weight.

Am I crazy? Why Chicago?

There isn’t my home city(I didn’t feel comfortable to eat junk food.) and in my area, there were gigantic parks and walking lines. I can run or cycle every second. I use it for my diet. I’m living in Istanbul now. But I love Chicago too. But you don’t have to be in a “windy city”. Finding walking trail is enough.

Eating Diet

I want to start  with talk about bread. NO BREAD!!! Even if one piece of bread can make you a monster. Yes It’s true. No more bread!

All of carbs are bad for you. Because they change to starch in your body and over the starch store as fat. Uf you are fatty, it is for carbs.

For fats, we have a choice. You can eat olive oil as much as you can. Yeah, really. Olive oil is a nutritious for you. Try to use it on your meals.


Proteins are your main source of food. Try to choose your meals in protein group. It helps your muscles to grow and replace the carbohydrates’ loc in your body.

Nothing But Milk

Milk is the best drink I’ve ever seen and awesome choice for us. Unlimited milk products! You can get much calcium from milk and foods that made from milk. But there is little point, you have to choose less fat milk.
For all of these reasons, you have not to eat fat, junk food, fast food and carbs and have your meals regularly. You must have breakfast or an awesome brunch.

Note: pay attention to side effects. If your body can’t get sugar, your eyes change black sometime. If you have this problem. Eat some chocolate. ;)

Exercise Program

If you have a membership on Gym, go there. But you can create a gym at home. Download Caynax A6W from Google Play Store. And start your programmed exercises. I don’t know any for Apple devices. Sorry. Add extra push ups and shuttles to your program. Fist day 5, second 10 etc.
Also you must go to running around your district. Try to use long ways to target. Car must be your second choice for going outside. Try on foot.


With all of these tactics you’ll lose weight speedy and healthy. But there is a final tactic and if you can’t learn this, all of this process doesn’t work. All of your time -yes absolutely all- smile. It will make you happy and you can lose weight by your mental powers. If you don’t believe yourself, anyone don’t believe. Don’t care bad comments. You have an enormous heart. If you want, please leave a comment. Let us know your huge and successful story.

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